Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Music news and reviews
  1. The Bug – “Mi Lost” (Feat. Miss Red) Video
    The British producer the Bug released his all-over-the-place album Angels & Devils a little while ago, and after dropping his epic dystopian “Function / Void” video, he’s made a very different clip for “Mi Lost,” a collaboration with the Israeli dancehall artist Miss Red. This is a small, low-budget video, one that focuses entirely on [...]

  2. Honeyblood – “Choker” Video
    Over the summer, the Scottish duo Honeyblood released a wonderfully incisive and hooky self-titled ’90s-style fuzz-rock debut album. It’s one of those albums that gets better every time I hear it. (The single “Super Rat” is a great place to start.) They’ve just made a video for “Choker,” a pointed song about falling in love [...]

  3. Download Lil Data Sup
    The producer Lil Data is best known for appearing on the six-way DISown mix, one of the releases that put the PC Music label on people’s radars. Now the label has released Sup, an EP that shines a spotlight on the producer in much the same way GFOTY’s Secret Mix and Kane West’s Western Beats [...]

  4. Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug – “Chainsaw Massacre”
    Last month, Atlanta weirdo buddies Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug teamed up for Rich Gang: Tha Tour Part 1, the best mixtape anyone has made in 2014. Their collaboration has not ended with that. DJ Fresh has debuted a stray, vaguely Halloween-themed Rich Homie/Thug collaboration called “Young Thug,” in which these young men reference [...]

  5. Jessie Ware – “Kind Of…Sometimes…Maybe (J. Cole Remix)”
    When I first heard “Kind Of… Sometimes… Maybe,” Jessie Ware’s Miguel collab from Tough Love, my first thought was not, “This needs a J. Cole verse tacked on the beginning,” especially one that begins with the line, “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.” But that was Cole’s opinion when he heard the track [...]

  6. Arcade Fire’s Will Butler Contributes To Obama Impersonator Documentary Bronx Obama
    Bronx Obama is a new documentary about a Barack Obama impersonator named Louis Ortiz directed by This American Life contributor Ryan Murdock. It’s available on Vimeo and iTunes, and it will air on Showtime 10/30. And according to a tweet today from Arcade Fire, it features music by Will Butler. Will did some music for [...]

  7. Chumped – “Name That Thing”
    After releasing a couple of ear-catching EPs, the Brooklyn DIY punk band Chumped are about to release their full-length debut Teenage Retirement. It sure seems like it’s going to be a good one. We’ve posted the early tracks “Hot 97 Summer Jam” and “Songs About Boats,” and now there’s another new one called “Name That [...]

  8. Annie Lennox Kowtows To The Beygency
    Beyond any debate about the word feminism, Annie Lennox’s recent comments about Beyoncé illustrate something: It’s a really, really bad idea for anyone remotely famous to say anything bad about Beyoncé. It will always blow up in your face. People are not ready to read a single bad word about that lady. What initially raised [...]

  9. Carcass – “Livestock Marketplace”
    In 2013, the British melodic death metal/grindcore band Carcass released Surgical Steel; it was one of the best albums of the year, both metal and otherwise. Next month, Carcass will release an EP called Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel, featuring five songs recorded during the Surgical Steel sessions that were not included on the original release. Among [...]

  10. Trash Talk Get Their Own Converse
    Converse has a history of getting bands to design custom sneakers, from Metallica to Big Boi to Pink Floyd (check out our official band sneaker guide for way more). Now, Trash Talk are getting their own official Converse design, and the kicks are inspired by the LP released by the band earlier this year, No [...]

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